“Danseuse Indienne”

“…it has been noticed elsewhere that the Indian courtesan is more modestly dressed than most women. No doubt in this matter she knows her business. A well-to-do dancing-girl has a dress of coloured muslin or gauze trimmed with tinsel lace, with a short waist, long straight sleeves, and skirts which reach a little below the knee, a shawl falling from the head over the shoulders and wrapped round the body, and a pair of tight satin trousers, reaching to the ankles. The feet are bare, and strings of small bells are tied round them.” (The Tribes and Castes of Central India, RV Russell)

Though it is hard to confirm, it is said this oil painting is entitled Danseuse Indienne. The painter is said to be Joseph Pinchon (1871-1953),  a French painter, illustrator, designer and comic book creator, best known for his series Bécassine.

Danseus indienne

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